Monday, 2 September 2013

Saturday Roundup / Project Life 24th August

(This post had to wait until I got back. I prepared my PL layout but I needed to replace the ink cartridge in the photo printer before I finished and blogged it)

Our last week here and it was just the four of us but, despite being less busy, the time went all too quickly. We were invited out twice by local friends. It was great to share meal with both French and British neighbours and R and M were excited to have a long-promised ride on Paul's quad bike and to sing karaoke with Ken next door.

We took them out on Thursday to a theme park. Water slides, roller coasters and bouncy castles - not my idea of fun but because the kids loved it we all had a good time. M is much more of a thrill-seeker than her big brother so she was the one I had to accompany on the roller coaster. R took 20 pictures with my camera - and we were not in any of them!
Quieter activities were also in order this week. M learned the moves of chess and did lots of painting, I watched a box set of Spooks and R spent hours on my laptop ogling the Xbox games he hopes to get for his birthday.
Of course, the last couple of days were spent packing and putting the house to bed. Sad to be leaving. We have had the best holiday ever here this year - largely thanks to good weather and good friends.

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