Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A 'Wordle' card

I needed a Goodbye card for our Admin assistant. who retired this week. As we work with international students learning English, I decided to make a multilingual Wordle for the main part of the card. If you've never used Wordle before you should have a go; it is incredibly simple and effective. Just type in the text you want and it will generate a word cloud. You can then play around with different colours and fonts until you like the result and print it off. I used Google Translate to write Goodbye and Thank You in different languages. The Wordle software couldn't cope with non-European scripts so I copied the Urdu and Japanese by hand.

I then mounted the Wordle onto a card and decorated it with layered flowers and a length of ribbon. It was much admired by the colleagues who signed it so I think I may well use this technique again. It's very easy to personalise to any occasion and would be a particularly good idea for those tricky men's cards.


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great idea for a card. Love the fall colors.

Fiona said...

A great idea for a card, it is lovely.