Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Saturday Roundup/Project Life 3rd August

As you know, I am experimenting with Project Life to document our summer holiday and enjoying it. I'm quite pleased with my first ever divided page protector layout so I'll be blogging them together with my regular Saturday Roundup for the next few weeks.

My (other) sister-in-law and family staying this week ( making a total of 9 people) so there has been much eating, drinking and some fun days out.
 The Monday- Friday Simple Stories card lists our evening meals - P's family like to make an occasion of every meal so we've had 3 courses  almost every night.
We took a trip to the Memorial Museum of Peace in Caen, which I highly recommend if you are in the area, then spent the afternoon on the beach at Omaha. P's grandfather was involved in the D-Day Landing so the older kids were keen to see it. (P, himself, has been there dozens of times when he ran school trips)
On Thursday we enjoyed an Open Air Concert in the nearest town. It was a gorgeous sunny evening so a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.
We had planned to take the kids swimming on Friday, but the pool was closed for cleaning  (someone had pooed in it!!) Plan B saw them paddling in the stream instead, but no photos as I hadn't taken my phone or camera to the pool.
As my other sister-in-law was returning for another 2 nights on Saturday we rearranged the furniture to accommodate 13 people then went out to a carboot sale/funfair.
The guests had been hankering after moules frites so we indulged in those at lunchtime, then cooked barbecue for 15 in the evening.

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S said...

Well, it looks a fun times well documented to me. I'm a bit behind on PL - will have get myself going. Thanks for the inspiration - well done.