Monday, 19 August 2013

Saturday Roundup / Project Life 17th August

 Our friends A and M spent this week with us. They are getting married in October so their priorities were to buy several cases of sparkling wine and get R to try onhis Ring Bearer's suit - very smart he looked too.
Having sorted out essential jobs we made the most of the continuing good weather (never had a summer like this - loving it) and went out and about.
Domfront - a beautiful mediaeval city

We had promised the kids another day at the beach so we  took them to Carolles on Friday, unfortunately a dreary day weather-wise, but warm enough for them to use their body board and boat in the sea.

M lost another front tooth this week (she broke a baby tooth the first week we arrived) so the French Petit Souris came instead of the Tooth Fairy.

 Having guests is a great excuse for eating dessert. We indulged in some patisseries from Domfront.
 Only 1 week to go until I go back to work. A quiet week by ourselves. See you then.

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Carolyn Phillips said...

Loving the look of your project life album. I've been thinking about trying one at some point.