Monday, 29 July 2013

Saturday Round Up 27th July

OK. I know it's Monday 29th, but we have just got Wi-Fi set up in France so now I can post this.

We have been here since Thursday (the kids' schools broke up on Wednesday!)
R had a Leavers' Disco on Monday and I attended the emotionally-charged Leavers' Assembly on Wednesday then we got a ferry as soon as we could.
My sister-in-law and family came out with us so we had 2 nights with them before they headed down to the South of France. The 4 cousins enjoyed sharing a room and watching videos late into the night. We also visited the local amusement park together.

When they left we took the opportunity to relax a bit before the next group of visitors arrives tonight. We watched both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Les Miserables and socialised with some of our French and British neighbours.#

Now we are celebrating being able to get on-line at home and waiting for my other sister-in-law et al to arrive in time for dinner. The weather is still warm, although we have had some fiercesome thunderstorms.

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alexa said...

Lovely to have both familiar visitors and get to know the local people too. Looks like there will be lots of fun to be had over there this summer!