Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Roundup 15th June

This week started well but went rapidly downhill.
I am very proud to record that, on Sunday, R attended a karate grading and attained his blue belt. That's 5th Kyu (halfway to black belt) and  for a child with cerebral palsy who might not have been able to walk it is a remarkable achievement. He has been a green belt for 18 months and has been working really hard recently to move up. Yet another success for R this year. He has really shown us what he is made of.

 M had a 'Science Fair at school - lots of interesting and messy experiments.

Unfortunately the rest of this week I have been laid low with bronchitis. In June! I know! I took 2 days off work for the first time in 6 years and am now on antibiotics.

I felt sufficiently restored by my 2 days' rest to take my class on a trip to the local gallery on Thursday. 7 students from 6 different countries thoroughly enjoyed the permanent History of Woking exhibition and the current collection dedicated to Gertrude Stein. I was pretty wiped out afterwards though. I guess I took breathing for granted!
My 92-year old grandmother was taken into hospital on Friday. It appears her meds were wrong and she should be OK, but she's going to need more looking after when she goes home as she was also very dehydrated. To put this into perspective, at 92 Nanny lives at home, alone, and drives herself to numerous activities. I think we all (including Nanny herself) have got so used to her being healthy and independent that it came as a bit of shock to discover she is vulnerable.

To complete my 'things come in 3s' this week, P came home on Friday night having badly damaged his ankle. We think it is probably not broken but he is in a lot of pain. Hopefully next week will be better.

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alexa said...

Oh my goodness, and sorry to read about all the disasters :(. Hasn't he done well though? Clearly lots of grit and determination in there - congratulations!