Saturday, 6 April 2013

Saturday Roundup (on Friday)

We arrived in France late on Easter Sunday and we were very relieved to find that the water, electricity and, especially, the heating all worked first time. It is the first time the house has been ‘woken up’ since October and we were worried about the effect that the bad winter might have had on the pipes. The first thing I did was make up hot water bottles for the beds.
Still some snow around
Even with the heating and the wood burners alight, it has been cold this week and we have not been out and about much. DVDs (I’ve finally seen ‘Skyfall’) and board games in front of the fire have kept us amused. Holidays for the kids mean 'movie club' - watching a film in bed in a shared room. For P and I it means eating good dinners at a table instead of frozen meals on our laps.
We went bowling on Thursday but, unfortunately, the afternoon was spoiled somewhat by having to drive an additional 2 hours’ round trip to retrieve the coat R had left behind. He claimed it wasn’t cold – I have been wearing 2 jumpers all week!

We were disappointed to find out that the local, British-owned, holiday park which we used to frequent for their free wi-fi and pool, has gone bust. This was a great blow but I have persuaded P to investigate the possibility of installing wi-fi in the house, so there might be a silver lining!

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alexa said...

Glad you've had some good times despite the frustrations!