Friday, 12 April 2013

Saturday Roundup. Is it finally Spring?

This week has been marginally warmer than last, though we have still lit the wood burners every day from necessity (rather than just to watch the flames as we usually do.)
Although it's been too cold to take many daytrips, we've made up for it by being sociable and have enjoyed dinners and drinks with several of our British friends out here. We have new neighbours and have discovered a new British-owned restuarant which does a mean fish and chips
I know how boringly expat this all sounds, and it's not what we expected when we bought the house, but there are a lot of Brits living here and it is nice to have a social  life .
In addition, we went bowling again and to Mcdonalds. It's what we would have been doing if we were at home but with better food and less work. R has had to do half an hour of homework every day, and I took marking with me but P and I both sleep so much better out here. It's better than being tourists.

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