Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Roundup March 9th

Another busy week at work and home. One of my colleagues is off sick again so I have taken on an extra 2 classes for the rest of term, which obviously entails a lot of extra planning and marking as well as going out in the evening to teach. Still, on the bright side, the extra money will pay for our Easter holiday, which we booked this week.
Both children's schools have been celebrating Book Week. I went into M's class on Monday to read a story. Parents were invited to read their favourite children's book, so I took my thick hardback copy of 'Little Women', but the class voted instead to hear M's choice of 'George And The Dragon'. Can't think why! It was nice to see M in the context of her school, and flattering that she was so excited to see me there. The PTA is also running a Copper Drive at school (Puffin Class is currently in 4th place with £6.54)  and on Friday M dressed up as Lola from the books by Lauren Childs.
What do you mean, you can't see the resemblance?!
Continuing the literary theme, R's yeargroup went to see 'Goodnight Mr Tom' at the theatre and he came home full of excitement about the differences between the book and the stage production. He was also selected to help with the book fayre and he chose to take a Jack Stalwart book to school to share.
Goodnight Mister Tom Tickets at New Victoria Theatre,
 I spent all of my day off on Thursday planning for an important observed lesson next week. I've been teaching now for 25 years. I never spend more than an hour planning any lesson. Except when observations come round. I really, really want to get a Grade 1 this year but I'm being observed by none other than the Principal of the college so the pressure is on.  M had her friend Evie round for tea on Thursday too, so I had to stop and play Frustration with them. I won. Whoops! Who was it who said 'When playing games with children, always let them win'?
The billiard season has started so P will be out most Thursday evenings now with his Dad. Sounds like an excuse to catch up with telly in peace!
To round off the week, R had a 21/2hr drama rehearsal this morning and we have just got back from the Church youth group for 8-11 year olds. I co-run this half-termly group and tonight 8 kids made chocolate truffles for Mother's Day, wrapped each other as toilet paper mummies and had jacket potatoes together for tea. Unfortunately, R has decided that since they won't be a surprise for me, he's giving his truffles to Nanny. It wouldn't be Christian to object, I suppose...!


humel said...

Wishing you all the best with your observation - I never have enjoyed them! I hope it goes really well :)

Ruth said...

We really enjoyed Goodnight Mr Tom when we saw it just before Christmas. Is it on tour now or is it still in the West End?