Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The King in the Car Park - Smash Page

Thanks to Sian for reminding me to look beyond my own family for page inspiration. I'm not doing a formal Project Life, but I'm counting Months in Numbers and using my Smash book for all the little extras that don't make it onto my 12x12 pages. I'm no news maven. Many of the main political stories pass me by completely, and few really impact on my life so when I am fascinated by an event, as I was by the King in the Car Park, I should record it.  I decided to use the newspaper cuttings I'd kept in my Smash book.
However, I had a dilemma. I finished a  Green Smash book last year and I bought a pink one for myself this year. It has some beautiful pages, but the next blank one was this:
 Not exactly suitable for a page about the Hunchbacked King (it turns out that the Tudor propoganda was based on fact - he did indeed have a scoliosis (curved spine)). About half way through is a lovely library print which I thought was perfect. My head said I needed to record things in chronological order, and of course I could have covered up the hydrangea. But my crafty heart said, use the library page. So that is what I did. I figure that by the time anyone looks at this book in the future they will be hard-pressed to remember the year that Richard was found, let alone the month, and I have dated the page for future reference anyway.

The cutting on the left-hand page opens out to give details of the skelton, and the titled is hand written with a bamboo quill and India ink. It's a bit small, and I might put a larger title over it. Sizing was always my problem when I did calligraphy more regularly.
 Having done this, I now feel free to jump around the book willy-nilly for the rest of 2013, which is refreshing as my 12x12 albums are kept in strict chronological order. But I want my months in numbers in order. Don't I? We'll see, maybe that doesn't matter either, as they are clearly titled with the month.


Sian said...

Brilliant! It's just such a fascinating story, I think it definitely deserves to be recorded..I've got to admit I would have been really disappointed if it had turned out not to be him! Cool calligraphy too - wish I could do that

alexa said...

Envying you your calligraphy skills! That background is perfect for your theme: the whole spread is lovely to look at, with those soft, antique-y bits...

Maria Ontiveros said...

What fun!