Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday Roundup 9th Feb

This week was cold but dry and bright and it is no longer dark when we eat breakfast. I can't wait for Spring; I'm so bored of wearing the same winter clothes!

I had piles of marking this week, but mostly tick/cross stuff I could do with half an eye on the telly. At the moment I'm enjoying 'Waterloo Road', 'Silent Witness' and 'Britain's Brightest'.  R is getting a lot of homework now too as his Key Stage 2 SATS get closer, which puts even more pressure on our already-packed evening routine, and completely changes the face of Sundays.

M enjoyed a class trip to Windsor Castle (or Windsly, as she called it because of Windy Castle in Peppa Pig) and got to dress up as a Jester.
Insert photo of the class here when I print these posts.
On Friday my lovely Dad had his prostate removed by keyhole surgery. Although the  operation appears to have gone well, Mum had a 'funny turn' while visiting at the hospital that night and was taken to A&E, so my  brother had a long evening there.  However, when I visited this evening he was dressed and ready to go home. They must be fed up with his bad jokes already! Still a few weeks of recovery to get through, and as my Mum doesn't drive, that will impact on me, but Im relieved that this appears to be the end of it.

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Alison said...

Hi Kirsty...hope your dad is on the road to recovery and that your mum is OK too!
Alison xx