Friday, 28 December 2012

JYC Day 27 - spending our Christmas money

R had asked for money for Christmas in order to buy himself a child's Kurio tablet, but in fact, when we counted his lolly and checked out the offers in the sales, we decided that an adult Blackberry Playbook was a better deal and would last him longer. ( I was also a little concerned about the teasing potential if he chose something marketted at Over-5s, when I know several of his friends already have mobile phones and i-Pads)

He is enjoying it a lot, and even more because it was paid for with his own money. We had made it crystal clear that Santa would not be bringing him a £150 piece of technology!

I was also given a little money by my Mum and grandmother and, combined with the refund on 2 hardback books I had already read, and a sale deal I was able to afford to buy myself the 50mm lens I had wanted for so long. I can now get that lovely shallow DOF look that I admire so much on some of your blogs.

This is my first picture with my new toy.
And the first time I've successfully produced bokeh without Photoshop:
Part of my Christmas present to P was the promise of a pair of trainers, so he also came home from the sales with something new. Everyone's happy!

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