Saturday, 22 December 2012

JYC Day 22 - Today, I'm Grateful For...

... a lie-in. No school, no activities. That 'first day of the holiday' feeling.
.... children who will watch a  film together without arguing
.... the incentive that is a Cubs badge. Today R has made his bed, tidied (his stuff) from the living room, laid the table and cooked a jacket potato. And washed up! All to earn his Help At Home Badge. What's more he and M both ate the meal he prepared. Great result!
.... local shopkeepers who know us. M had her photo in the paper twice this week and I wouldn't have noticed if our newsagent hadn't told me!
.... time to sit and read
.... being organised and ready for Christmas


Amy said...

TNYO thought he'd tackle his caring for pets badge in cubs - I don't think he initially realised that HE had to feed her every day!
Well done to R for all his efforts.

It's going to be 40C here today so I am hoping our two will watch a Christmas movie without squabbling too.

Merry Christmas Kirsty.

Alison said...

Merry Christmas Kirsty...I finished my wrapping today-need to do a little food shopping tomorrow, but am definately on the home strait!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Yeah! for Cub badges. Pity there isn't something similar for hubbies! Hoping you all have a lovely Christmas together ...