Wednesday, 19 December 2012

JYC Day 16 - Christmas entertainment

Oh no it isn't!
Oh yes it is!
It may not be classy, but Panto is definitely my Christmas entertainment of choice. We are lucky to have a really top quality theatre in our nearest town so, whilst the tickets aren't cheap, we get professional panto of the highest standard. My mum is taking R and M in January as part of their Christmas present, but I got to see it on Wednesday with the ESOL 6th Form students.
Dick Whittington Tickets at New Victoria Theatre,
10 teenagers, all born outside the UK, experienced their first ever theatre trip with a visit to Dick Whittington. Although I had explained the traditio of Pantomime when we booked the tickets, they didn't really have any idea what to expect; they didn't know about booing the Baddy and they were mildly shocked by the Dame but they loved the colour and the spectacle of it. They got some of the jokes (but there was a 30 second timelag before they laughed as they translated in their heads) and enjoyed the music.
For me , it was interesting to see the familiar motifs through a foreigner's eyes, and rewarding to have organised our first ever ESOL off-site trip.

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