Thursday, 13 December 2012

JYC Day 13 - some extra pictures to share

Although I'm not making a day-by-journal this year, I'm trying to stick to the prompts in my daily posts. However, I don't always have a photo to go with the words or a layout to show so sometimes I've included an appropriate picture from recent years as those are the photos I'm trying to scrap at 12x12.

However, if I am going to print this month of posts in a photo book, I will want photos from this year.

Another problem comes when I want to go off-prompt to blog something that happened. A case in point is yesterday's post when I blogged about the weather. Today's prompt was guessed it, weather. Which will I choose to print- the actual events, or the prompt-inspired journalling?

Oh well, I'll worry about that in January. For now, here are some Christmassy pictures from today.'s activities - watching M's school play and doing my gift-wrapping.
I'm defintely not going to talk about the weather again anyway:

M was a dancing angel in the school nativity play, amusingly entitled 'The Very Grumpy Sheep'
My presents are wrapped and under the tree (so this should go with Day 11 - Paper)

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