Wednesday, 12 December 2012

JYC Day 11 - paper, paper, everywhere

8.30 today - not paper, but beautiful
I thought the world was meant to be going paperless? No sign of that round here.
I spent all morning sorting out end-of-term paperwork, then took 2 bags of unwanted stash to do card making at International Club, then photocopied the coursebook a dozen times.

I have sent over 60 cards, the kids are currently working their way through theirs, and I have yet to start on my giftwrapping. My pinboard is covered with paper notices about Christmas parties and activities. My desk is littered with reminders and lists.
I'm drowning in paper!
This photo from last year of M making paperchains will be my next layout, when I have time to play with yet more paper of the patterned kind.

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