Saturday, 8 December 2012

C-Day minus 3 weeks

We have already had 2 school fayres, and a Rainbow Xmas party at the Bowling Alley. The school term finishes late this year, so this week heralds to the Church nativity play, Cubs' Christmas party, End-of term dos, the Carol Service at P's school, M's Christmas lunch,  a family get-together and a ride on the Santa Express. R's school will have their Christmas lunch and Secret Santa next week. (BTW; for those on you on PTA committees - Secret Santa is one of the best money-making scams around. I have donated unwanted nearly-new goods to the school. I will give R money to choose one of these unwanted items  to pit under the tree for me and P. I will also give up 2 hours of my time to help the children choose and wrap said unwanted gifts. It raises loads of money!)

Make sure you have a comprehensive list of who needs to be where and what costume they will need. I loathe making costumes, so I need to be organised with this. I have volunteered to bring paper cups and plates for every children’s party this year so a) I can’t turn up with the wrong thing and b) bought a job lot cheaply from Poundland.

Your main job this week is to finish writing all those cards, if you haven't already done so. Mine were sent off on Thursday. If you have presents to post, make sure they are wrapped and packaged up. Last posting date for UK 2nd class is 18th December, and no-one wants to pay an extra 10p for every card, now do they? Obviously, overseas dates vary so get them all in the post now and then you'll be safe.

Jobs for this weekend, chez nous? I need to get the kids writing cards for their friends as the school post boxes have arrived. Chilli jam needs to be made, ready to take as host gifts at various parties over the next few weeks.

The tree will also go up on Saturday. Normally I do it the first weekend of the school holidays, but that is ridiculously late this year, and we have a busy schedule next weekend. As soon as it is up, I can get wrapping the presents to put under it. They are all bought, including wrapping paper and labels, so I just need to find a quiet window of time to indulge myself with a job I really enjoy.

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