Friday, 2 November 2012

Say hello to Nibbles

This week we welcomed a new addition into the household - Nibbles the hamster. Although I had hamsters as a child, and we've had fish for the last few years, this is the first 'proper' pet our family has had.

I bought her at the beginning of half term so we would have a week at home to get used to handling, and this has worked out well. She is already happy to be stroked and tolerates being picked up, although I haven't let the children hold her on their own yet. They love her, and I'm sure she will soon be used to being played with every time she pokes her gorgeous twitchy little nose out of her bed.


humel said...

Oh, she's adorable! So pleased to meet her :)

Sian said...

She's lovely! (and I' sure Gary the Magnificent would say the same)

alexa said...

Welcome to Nibbles and I am sure she'll be appearing again - such a shame she has no idea how people across the world know about her!