Thursday, 1 November 2012

October in Numbers

5 days on the Isle of Wight for R
20 people at the Chinese restaurant to celebrate my birthday
10m that M can swim without armbands
6 invitations to visit the children's schools - for assemblies, parents' meetings etc
16 new blogging friends met at the WOYWDW crop
4 opportunities to dress up in costumes
2 100+pt words scored in Words With Friends
1 new hamster
1 train journey to London

I've really enjoyed this 'Month in Numbers' thing this year. Using my Smash Book for it has been perfect and I think, if I'm lucky I'll just finish the book by the end of the year. I'm planning to carry this monthly challenge on next year because I love the summary of the month it provides, but I want to change it up a bit. I did Document 2010 for the whole of ... well, 2010, but I found it quite had work with the 4x6 divided pages and it made my albums really bulky.

This month I included a few tickets and bits of ephemera on a facing page (including a couple of leftover passport photos of me in my birthday month) and maybe that's what I'll do - a mini Smash book version of Month in Numbers and Document 2010. Anyway, whatever I decide, I've just ordered a new Smash book for 2013, along with a few of the cute accessories.


humel said...

That's great, Kirsty - love it! And that mention of a new hamster made me smile :)

Julie Kirk said...

Happy belated birthday ... and happy new hamster too!

Sounds like a rather social month - and lots of dressing up too!

Thanks for joining in, you're on the board now:

Happy November.

Julie :-)

Tamara said...

Well you had a busy month by the sounds of it.

Miriam said...

I love your list! and the new hamster, how wonderful (I have a soft spot for the little things).

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your project. :)