Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bowing to pressure

After I posed the question last week about cash gifts for awkward teens, the consensus seems to be that £15 is the going rate and that it is totally acceptable. So, as I knew I would, I will be giving my 2 oldest nephews money for Christmas.

But I can at least make it look pretty! And personal. So I made these 2 money wallets. The one at the top is a bit of a tight sqeeze for a £10 note. A4 sheet is the ideal size and gives you a good-sized flap. Double sided papers make it easier to have a pretty inside too. I had to stick an inside flap on.


Sian said...

These look really good!

Sandra L. said...

Might you consider posting a tutorial on how to make beautiful envelopes like these? I do a lot of mail art and would love to learn how to make these.
Or can you point me toward a tutorial?
Thank you so much!

P.S. found you through Shimelle's JYC!