Friday, 26 October 2012

"Would you like a free cake?"

Well, what do think I replied to that?
Sophie contacted me on behalf of Baker Days cakes to ask if i would review one of their cakes-through-the-post.
Obviously I was delighted to oblige.
I clicked through to the website and chose one of their generic designs, although I could have uploaded a photo to print onto the cake. It was personalised with a name for no extra cost.
The designs are very pretty and unusual. 3 sizes of cakes in 5 flavours, including carrot cake and gluten-free. I went for double chocolate chip (I always go for chocolate!)
After some time - I would need to be confident it would arrive on time if I were going to send one of these as a gift - I received this through the post. No need to sign for it, it was just put through the letter box in a slim box. It arrived in perfect condition, packaged in a nice tin which I have, of course, squirrelled away to reuse.
Taking a scientific approach, it was decided that the cake should be rated according to its appearance, texture, flavour and value for money (note my scientific use of the passive!)
1. Appearance- at first it seemed quite small for £14.99, which claimed to feed 4-5 people, but more of that later. The design was really pretty with bright, funky colours.
2. Texture - the icing was lovely and soft, which went down well with M and the cake itself was a rich, dense chocolate. P thought it was a bit dry, and there was no evidence of the chocolate chips, but I really liked the fudgy texture.
3. Taste -  Yummy. (that's a scientific term , you understand) And rich, so it did feed 5 people.
4. Value for money. At £14.99, this compares favourably to a bouquet of flowers and I would definitely choose to send one of these as a postal gift. They are personal and unusual an dwould be a lovely surprise to recieve.
I'm planning to order at least one of the small party cakes (12-16 portions at £26.99) which would be great to send as a family Christmas present.


The website has a great selection of designs and is easy to navigate. I am happy to recommend Baker Days.


humel said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Lucky you, getting to try it out :)

Sian said...

It's nice to see something a bit different pop enjoyable and useful post!