Tuesday, 30 October 2012

London Calling

As the kids and I have a rare school holiday in the UK this week (P has gone to France to put the house 'to bed'), I decided to take them to London for the first time. M is 5 and has never been on a train so we travelled up to Waterloo and then took a ride on the London Eye. We were lucky that it was a beautiful clear day while we were up there (the clouds descended half an hour later) and I took loads of photos.

The 4D experience, which is included in the ticket price, is fantastic. I really found myself putting out my hand to ward off the dragon coming towards me. Silly glasses notwithstanding, I definitely recommend this.
After a Burger King lunch, we took the Tube (another first for M) over to the natural History Museum. Being Half Term it was heaving so we declined a 2-hour wait to see the Dinosaurs, prefering instead to gasp in awe at the size of the Blue Whale model. R found a duck-billed playpus and M enjoyed the creepy crawlies.

As R's leg was hurting (although he walks independently with a splint, he tires easily) I forked out for a taxi back to the station, which gave us a chance to drive past Buckingham Palace, and we got home just as the darkness descended and the rain began.
I will be much more confident to do this again in the future (maybe see that T-Rex next time) as both children werer perfectly behaved and had a fantastic time.


humel said...

So pleased you had a good time :) We should have gone last week, as our half term was different for some reason - we've deferred our plans till next year now. Love that shot of the two together on the Eye, by the way, it's adorable :)

Sian said...

There's a huge satisfaction in pulling off a trip like this, isn't there? Great stuff! and your photos are really lovely - it certainly looks as if a good time was had by all

Amy said...

Your first shot today is fabulous Kirsty!

I know what you mean, I get worked up and think an outing will be more difficult than what eventuates - our children can surprise us sometimes! Looks like a great day.

alexa said...

Glad you all had such a great time - and that it wa such a good experience that it widens your horizons for the future. The photos show a really fun time was had!

Missus Wookie said...

Half term at the Natural History Museum and it was ONLY two hours? We went once and it was out of the front of the building.... sheesh.

Well done on tackling it with the kids, glad you had a great time. Thanks for the review of the 4D I'd wondered about that, we're hoping to go on the Eye again soon.