Monday, 15 October 2012

Hello Monday

The week didn't start well. I took my daughter to school. She has had a bit of a cough for about the last week but was fine when I left her. By the time I got into work 35 minutes later, there were 2 messages on my phone saying she had been sick and would i please come and pick her up. So I had to phone my line manager to come and cover my lesson and head straight back home. Luckily I only teach one lesson on a Monday and M seems absolutely fine now. I'm treating it as an opportunity to get the house cleaned.
Hello to a birthday (mine!!) on Wednesday and a birthday lunch at the local Chinese on Sunday
Hello (apparently) to a new interface of my Hotmail email. Wasn't expecting that!
Hello to a Parent's Meeting with M's Year 1 teacher.
Hello to a relatively 'normal' week - the first this Academic Year!


humel said...

Oh no - hope she's completely OK now x

And happy birthday for Wednesday! x

Ruth said...

Awful getting the call to sat the smalls are sick ~ hope she feels much better soon!

Julia Dunnit said...

Our, that's an early bad start huh,por baby gal...mine does the same....all the nasties and the coughing always make her sick. And then she's fine. Ah we'll, a. Unexpected day at he won't be difficult to fill with chores, huh