Friday, 5 October 2012

August and September in Numbers

I've just made my September in Numbers, and I've realised I didn't share my August. So, here it is (plus a co-ordinated facing page to celebrate my French A Level result):
  • 307Cents that I owe P at Backgammon
  • 14 pizzas eaten (not each - but we had to support the new takeaway in Cherence)
  • 8 swims (7 in the pool, 1 in the sea)
  • 5 fetes communales / vide greniers
  • 8 books read (it would have been more, but I started Hilary mantel's 'Wolf Hall', which is ridiculously slow-going. It's almost like reading about Anne Boleyn's life in real time!)
  • Exactly 200 photos saved to my hard drive
  • 65 Olympic medals won by Team GB
  • 3 days back at work for me
My September began and ended with a trip to London, but was otherwise devoted to back-to-school stuff. Again, I've made a facing page, which details our term-time routine this year.
  • 2 play dates after school
  • 7 after-school activities started
  • 2 train journeys to London - to watch the Paralympic Games and 'Wicked'
  • 120 medals won by the Paralympic Team GB
  • 41 new students assessed and settled into my classes
  • £871 spent to repair and re-floor the kitchen
  • £80 spent on children's trainers
'Month in Numbers' is the brainchild of Julie Kirk, over at Notes on Paper


humel said...

It's looking good, Kirsty :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the summer feel of August and the back-to-school feel of Sept.

Sian said...

Ah, Wolf Hall - don't you just love it though?

Julie Kirk said...

Yes - Wolf Hall's slowness is part of what I loved! I could wallow in the words longer. After reading it + its sequel I felt like I lived there!

I'm wondering how long you'll be abe to claim you're just supporting the new takeaway ... maybe that's a number for another month!

Thanks for joining in with your *months* Kirsty I've pinned you to the board with the others :

Happy October!

Julie :-)