Monday, 17 September 2012

LSNED Days 9-16

At the end of the kids' first full week back at school I can be happy with the progress R has made (If you're a regular reader, you'll know my 10yr old has a disability and has just started the last year of Primary school, so he needs a lot more of my time and focus this year).
Achievements to celebrate:
  • Doing up the buttons on his school shirt by himself. Doing buttons up one-handed is not easy and he has been allowed to wear the summer school uniform of a polo shirt for the past 3 years, but I needed to get him used to wearing a proper shirt before he starts Yr7 and has no choice. Next step - a real tie!!!
  • Becoming Sixer of the senior Six at Cubs - a flattering promotion, and a big responsibilty for a just-turned-10-year old
  • Gaining a Bronze in Mathletics - the online Maths activity site used by the school for homework
  • Being voted Vice House Captain at school
  • settling straight down to his homework by himself
  • accepting that he needed to wear his arm splint at school with a minimum of fuss
In other news; M started Rainbows this week.

(Sorry about the shadows)
My lessons for this week include:
9. I don't want to turn into mum
10. I'm alwasy learning from my students
11. High expectations bring high results - eventually
12. I'm grateful for parents who can help with childcare
13. R has made a really good start to Yr6
14. I love Autumn
15. It's time I learned to turn the camera to manual
16. a weekend with friends is worth a long drive.


Sian said...

Those are fine, fine achievements :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

R is doing great! I'm falling a bit behind in my LSNE pages, although I do have all the lessons jotted. down

humel said...

Great pages, great lessons :) I'm so, so pleased to hear all the good news about R! We use Mathletics too, it's great - bronze is a fab achievement, congrats to him x