Thursday, 27 September 2012

"A tidy desk means a tidy mind"

Not sure I agree, but it does make me feel better. I had precisely 1 hour to myself to do any crafting last week, and I wasted 15 minutes of it searching for the Glossy Accents so I decided to do something about the state I was working in.
This is what my desk looked like this morning:
Not great, is it?
The darkwood bureau is probably not a valuable antique, but it's a nice piece of furniture and has drawers that are deep enough to store 12x12 papers, so I appropriated it for my stash storage. Now I truly believe that I don't have that much stash. I only have 1 shade of brown ink, not 6. I have circle, square and butterfly punches and nothing else, and I don't own a die-cutting machine. So why, oh why, does it look like this?
There are glitters and pens I haven't used for a year, while I struggle to locate the scissors I use every week.
Action was called for.
This is how it looks now:
I even found the Glossy Accents! But I realised I do have much more than I thought. So, if I don't use those glitters by January, I'm getting rid of them. Promise!

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Anonymous said...

So great when a tidy up rewards us with a find! Does this mean our Christmas cards will all have glossy accents (hope so!!)
hope the weekend yields more crafting hours, Rachel