Friday, 24 August 2012

15 down, 9 to go. - A little history lesson

No 6 on Rinda's Scavenge Hunt is a Historical Landmark. We have been very rural this holiday but the lure of the tourist sites won out this last week so I have a choice of historical landmarks for you.

This is the ruins of the eleventh century castle at Domfront. It was occupied from 1049 (by William the Conqueror) until about 1567. It was destroyed in the 17th Century, but the grounds are preserved as a very pleasant park, and you can go down into the original ramparts, which are now 10 feet underground.

This is almost directly outside our house in France. Our village stands on a crossroads, which was of strategic importance during the German Counter-Attack on 4th August 1944. The wording, in English and French, gives the details of the armies' movements.

Finally, THE historical monument in Northern France, Le Mont St Michel. We didn't go up this year - much too touristy in August - but we did go to a reptile farm within sight of it and P, who must have been feeling unusually accommodating, agreed to stop the car on the way back so I could snap this.

I'll leave with a few scaly reptiles, and my children:


Maria Ontiveros said...

The historical landmark is the only one I still haven't found - maybe this weekend.

Sian said...

Of course I love to look at pictures of historical landmarks, but the one with your two really captured my attention today. Very cute!

Amy said...

I love all the information - it is really interesting!
Your shots from the last post were great too!