Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Star book tutorial

Fiona at Scraploonies taught me how to do this and she has kindly said I can share it with you, provided I make it clear that "she originally learned how to do it at the Craft Co, which is no longer there, but some form of mention might be nice, as in a skill learned and then passed on."

You need: 6 strips of cardstock sized 12x4in.
                 6 strips of  co-ordinating cardstock sized 10x4in
                 6 strips of co-ordinating cardstock sized 8x4in

1. Fold all the strips in half and crease well.

2. Decorate the 4x4 pages with any combination of photos, journalling and embellishments. I used 12 square photos from my grandmother's 90th birthday party. Keep the embellishments as flat as possible so the book will close easily.

3. Glue the edges of the 4x8 and 4x10 strips together securely. Only put the glue at the edges. I pegged mine to ensure a strong bond.

4. Now glue the 4x12 strips on the back in the same way so you have 6 'points' of the star  each with 3 layers.

5. Adhere the 6 points together. Glue the whole of the back this time, not just the edge. Remember  not to stick the front and back together.

6. Create the front and back covers from stiff card, slightly larger than 6x4. Now's your chance to use those bulkier embellishements.

7. Attach the front and back covers, trapping a piece of ribbon in between to act as a tie.

8. Et voila!! A star book, which would make a fab gift or memento of a special event.


Sian said...

That would make a really nice project for a group of teenage girls to do at a get together

Jen said...

Oh this is delightful - and as Sian says - it does make a great project for teenage girls - we have made one with our school craft club. Great instructions too . J x