Friday, 2 March 2012

World Book day costumes

I'm not a fan of dressing up - I have no talent for costume design, but both kids had to dress up as a book character for World Book Day this week.
This is M as Dora the Explorer. I do know she is not primarily a book character but Plan A (Hermione from the Harry Potter books) was scuppered by the fact we couldn't find the wand R was given for Christmas anywhere. M, quite rightly, said she couldn't be Hermione without a wand, so we had to revert to Plan B, a costume she already had in her dressing up box.

R went as Jack Stalwart. Jack is a 9-year Secret Agent, a karate blackbelt and a bit of a hero of  R's. I can recommend the series if you have boys of that age - lots of gadgets and derring-do!

I defintely feel a double page spread is called for here, although I'm a bit disappointed Plan A didn't come off, as I have some Harry Potter trading cards that would have been perfect for a layout about Hermione!



scrapper said...

Well done Kirsty - mine went as Aslan and Bones with judicial use of face paints!

Sian said...

Do the page with the Harry Potter cards ABOUT not being able to be Hermione!

Amy said...

Yes, Sian's idea is a good one!

Jack Stalwart is popular here too!

Mary B said...

I was going to say the same as Sian perfect opportunity to use the cards too.

I'm glad you like the idea of a 'Grateful' finish to your posts. and it is good to show everyone how much the Lord means to you too.
btw I was inspired to do this by Karen of Dolly's Dreamings so we are spreading the word

Melissa said...

Both great costumes! I agree, Hermione would have been fun, too. I think Sian has the right idea - do the layout anyway & talk about why she wasn't Hermione that day.