Thursday, 1 December 2011

JYC - the start

It's finally December!!!
R and M rushed to consume the chocolate in the first pocket of their Advent Calendar this morning and I rushed to open my Inbox and read my first JYC Prompt. Their chocolate was scoffed in a few seconds. I actually got 2 messages from Shimelle today and spent a good hour responding to them- much better value!

This will be my 4th Journal Your Christmas. It is as much a part of my seasonal preparations as cards and shopping, and it suits me well as I finish most of my teaching next Wednesday so I have time to devote to it, unlike LSNED in September.
This is the cover of the SMASHbook I've decided to use this year. Fairly plain at the moment. I've left space for a family Christmas portrait when I get one. I will also do 12x12 layouts of the main events for my 2011 album as my last few years' albums have been short on Christmas LOs while I've been concentrating on JYC mini books.

Here is my front page and inside cover  with Manifesto and Declaration.

I've made a good start today but I am planning to keep you all updated with my  JYC progress  in weekly posts rather than daily ones. Life is so busy this time of year, that I think blogging might have to take a back seat for a month. I don't imagine I'll have a finished page to share every day anyway.


Sian said...

A weekly update still sounds very good to me :)

Digi Deana said...

A smashbook is great for this super-busy time of year!

Emily said...

Wow... I love your Smashbook!!! I had been wondering how you would make one work... this rocks!!!! Can't wait to see your weekly updates!!!!

Amy said...

I love how you have done your manifesto this year Kirsty - the take on subway art is very clever and it really suits the Smash Book.