Wednesday, 7 December 2011

JYC Days 5-7 A 'smashing' Christmas so far

I'm still enjoying 'smashing' Christmas and I'm keeping up, although not always on-prompt or in-order!  This page is about using JYC as my version of an advent calendar, which I blogged about last week. A very simple page - Print my blog header, journalling from my blog post on Day 1 and that day's JYC prompt. Cut them to size. Ink the edges. Stick down. I changed the journalling a bit but that was it. I actually quite like it though.

This one is my daughter writing her Christmas cards. M and R both sat down this week and wrote to all their schoolfriends in 3 sessions. I was mightily impressed! The Santa stamp is the one M chose from my collection to use on her cards.

The next page is just a collage of logos from my favourite catalogues and websites.
I usually start browsing through Christmas catalogues to kick-start my Christmas shopping in late October, then I order the majority of my gifts on line.  Hawkin's Bazaar is my favourite for silly stocking fillers and Amazon, of course, for books and DVDs. This year I also ordered craft stuff through Baker Ross for both school fayres. Some sites (like The Giving Machine and Chocoholics) even raise money for the schools at the same time - bonus!

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that this page is stamped 10.11.11. That's when I finished most of my internet shopping, and when I made the page! (That's my not-very-secret secret to keeping up with Christmas - do as much as possible before December so I have time to enjoy all the madness of December)

Finally, the To Do list, which is my least successful page artistically - it needs more colour - but it is a very useful page and I am steadily ticking things off the list.


magsmcc said...

Hello I just popped over from Mess, Muddle and Fun to say- we love Christmas Mystery too- this is the second year in a row that we've been reading it nightly to suns at bedtime! But I'm also adoring your Chrismas list- much prettier and more inspiring than my scribble notes in various pockets and bags!

Sian said...

I love the page with the catalogue logos - Hawkins Bazaar is pored over in this house too