Thursday, 29 December 2011

Family Photography competition - results

Quite a few of my in-laws and family friends are keen photographers, so in the autumn we decided to hold a competition, on Facebook. We agreed on 4 categories (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water), posted our entries anonymously, then 'liked' our favourites. The one with the most 'Likes' was the winner. After final adjudication by FIL (who doesn't 'do' Facebook' or photography- he is a proud Luddite) MIL took the honours. with prizes in 2 categories.

Here, with the authors' permission, are the winners:
EARTH - 'Termite Mound', by Sue


 WIND - 'Ducks' by Sue
FIRE - 'Fireworks' by ME!!!!

WATER - 'Reflection' by Nicola
I was very flattered to win the Fire category. There was some really stiff competition. We are working on'Snow and Festive Fun' now. Results to be decided at the end of January.


Sian said...

No, definitely can't beat a 4.00am start on Christmas Day! I'm very impressed. Our day started a 7.00am. I hope your cold is starting to clear up so that you can enjoy the next round of festivities for the New Year :)

Susie said...

Nice idea to put them on your Blog - your firework photo is spectacular