Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Princess and the Boy

I completed these two layouts at the Scraploonies crop on Sunday. I did 4 other partial layouts and a mystery gift album, but I'll share those as and when I finish them.

My daughter and neice playing dress up. It would have been a crime to cover up any more of this delicious Once Upon A Time paper, so I contented myself with 2 small embellishment clusters.
RThis is my son who went canoeing, for the first time, in the pouring rain with his Cub pack. They were all thoroughly soaked by the end, and he had had the time of his life. I am so pleased that he enjoys Cubs, where else would an 8-year old with a disability get the chance to do something like that?

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Carolyn Phillips said...

The scouting movement is fabulous for son has aspergers, and has been through beavers, cubs, scouts and is now starting explorers and has benefited so much from scouting. In fact because of that my husband volunteered on the committee and over time has become uniformed, GSL and now Scout Leader and I can see how it is benefiting him as well.