Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Birthday List

It's my birthday next week. It's good to dream, so here is my wish list.

1. More time. I would love to join this class of Shimelle's, it sounds right up my street but I am just so busy at work at the moment that it would probably be madness to start something new just when I should be tackling Christmas cards
2. A Martha Stewart border punch (or two) I have a collection of shaped scissors, but they are not as good. I love what other people do with their punches.
3. An IPad, but that really is wishful thinking, I'd settle for any new laptop
4. A macro lens for my DSLR so I can do those lovely things with a low F-stop
5. Sleep - I need to get my daughter off her night-time bottle in the Half Term holiday and it is going to be HARD!
6. Better eyesight. I have recently noticed that I have to remove my everyday glasses so I can read. Next stop - bi-focals (and yet another birthday is not going to improve that!)
7. A cleaner, and a gardener...oh and someone to do my laundry!
8. A good grade in my French AS in 3 months.

Meanwhile, back in the Real World, I can look forward to a nice pub lunch on Sunday with all my family and some birthday money to put towards the laptop, which is the only thing on the list I actually really NEED.

As my husband is fond of saying, If you aim at nothing, you are bound to hit it!


Ruth said...

Good advice from your DH! I'd like to do Shimelle's new class, but with a half-term visit to Granny looming, there's no way I'll be able to fit it in.

Julie J said...

Good list and good luck with the French.

Gwen said...

Hope all your birthday wishes come true Kirsty!! You deserve them all.

Sian said...

I hope you end up with something nice from your list Kirsty. The eyesight thing is a pain, isn't it? I'm suffering the same way myself

Susie said...

Wish I could wave a magic wand for you to have all on your wish list - in the meantime really looking forward to your birthday lunch on Sunday xx

humel said...

Happy birthday for next week! Wishing you everything you need, and a few luxuries you don't actually need at all xx

Narnia707 said...

Hope you have a lovely birthday lunch. And maybe you might even get the new laptop? I have one on order and it's arriving at half term : )

SnazzyJazzy said...

can you guess who I am? I was Narnia707 and I am now SnazzyJazzy : )

SnazzyJazzy said...

Since having turned 40, 6 months ago, I have suddenly noticed the eyesight thing and even found myself putting a piece of text further away to read it. at the moment I am in denial and am ignoging the opticians overdue appointment reminders that have been arriving in the post! x