Saturday, 3 September 2011

Learn Something New Everyday. The Third.

TODAY I LEARNED THAT: Family history is always fascinating.

After watching TV's 'Who Do You Think You Are?', I went onto a new website and discovered that Molly Maud Holmes (my husband's grandmother and the Mystery Woman of my family tree research) went to South Africa on honeymoon with her first husband, Paul (Pat) Pentin.

They were both aboard the cruise ship 'Guildford Castle' en route to Cape on 29th July 1926, 3 days after their wedding. I'm guessing that is where she fell in love with Africa, where she later emigrated to after Pat Pentin's tragic death in a motorcycle accident.

Another of her grandchildren, P's cousin, coincidentally sent me today a collection stories of her time as a headmistress of a school in Kenya, which she had put together. I am dying to start reading them.

In addition,  I spent 3 hours  this afternoon with my 90 year-old grandmother going through old photos of my family. I borrowed lots of great photos to scrap in my Family Tree album. This is one of my favourites - me as a baby with my Great Uncle and Great Grandmother.


Jo.C said...

That is fascinating - I haven't done my family tree for ages but it is brilliant when you have a breakthrough like that :0)

Ruth said...

Oh, yes! FH is always exciting, even when it's dull!