Monday, 26 September 2011

Actually doing some scrapbooking

Oh such a nice restful evening! P was out and R was watching a film in his bedroom so I spent 2 hours putting this double layout together about our favourite theme park in France. It was the first scrapping I have done this month and so refreshing.

I don't make many doubles these days (click to see it better), although that is what I mostly did when I first started scrapping, as you can see in this post. I really enjoyed working on the larger canvas again, which allowed me another rarity - a large number of differently-sized photos.

It's interesting for me to see how my scrapping style has evolved over the last couple of years, especially since I have been getting so much inspiration from blogs and online classes. I know I would never have thought of the 3 embellishment clusters 2 years ago. I would either have left the layout plain and graphic or just plonked a sticker straight onto the background. I have also learned design tips like the Rule of Thirds which I also use often now and Distress Inks, as you know, are my layout fave toy.

How has your style evolved since you started scrapbooking? Go on, I dare you - publish some of those early layouts. We'd love to see them, wouldn't we?


Sian said...

I posted my first layout during my Crafty Life series in the summer. Bits I would change now, and bits I would do the same way again.

I am hopeless at two pagers, but I do like to see how other scrappers pull them off :)

Julia Dunnit said...

I haven't done a double for yonks! But I agree, my style has evolved for sure, particularly from the two per page, one in each corner photo days! I'm glad you've found a couple of hours to do this...the photos are great.