Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 Things I Love about September (and 10 Things I Don't)

1. New stationery and a new Teacher's Planner
2. Crisp, cool Autumn days
3. Fresh challenges
4. The keen faces of a brand new class of students.
5. Time during the day when the children are at school
6. Hearty casseroles with Winter root vegetables
7. Rediscovering clothes in my wardrobe which I haven't worn all summer
8. 'Learn Something New Every Day'
9. Scrapping holiday photos
10. The start of good new drama serials on TV

1. The cold, dark mornings
2. Tired, fractious children as they get used to the school routine again
3. Paying for a new term of after-school activities.
4. Having to wear tights again for work
5. Getting my head round a brand new timetable (I juggle 4 different schools)
6. Learning the names of 60 new students
7. Sewing name tabs in new school uniform
8. Overseeing my son's homework
9. Marking
10. Rain

How about you? For some more '10 Things', head over to Shimelles's blog.


The Mann Fam said...

Great list of your 10 likes and dislikes for the month. You have several I can relate to which made it fun to read.

MonicaB said...

I'm with you on getting use to the school routine - it's a love/hate thing! Great lists!

Kimberlee said...

I like how you did the pros and cons. :D Nice job.

Connie said...

If I were to make a list it would be much like yours:)

S said...

The change of seasons and the start and end of the school year always brings welcome and unwelcome changes - your lists capture that so well.

Sheena said...

great Lists Kirsty x

I love buying all the new "back to school " stationary but hate trying to remember what sports kit for which child on the new timetables!