Friday, 19 August 2011

Finishing touches from the flea market

As I am only using scraps for my layouts this holiday, I am finding it quite hard to finish them off properly. I haven't brought any inks with me (on the basis that whichever I chose, I'd need a different one) and I don't like torn edges on every layout.

So, when we visited a huge flea market last week I picked up these bits of haberdashery (one of my favourite words, by the way, what are yours?)

The fabric is destined to be made into tiny curtains for M's dolls house, but I used the embroidery silk and mini buttons to finish off this layout. The triptych (that's another one) of black and white photos is inspired by some French scrapbooking magazines I've been reading : it seems to be a common trend over here so  I thought I'd have a go.

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Sian said...

"Amontillado" is one of my favourite words.

If I asked very nicely and promised quick return would you think about loaning me a French scrap magazine? (please?)I'd love to see one.