Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Finally!! The children have just broken up from school and the sun is shining! I feel free! (Yes! I do need all those exclamation marks. That's how I feel!)
5 weeks without the school day morning routine. 5 weeks without the stress of overseeing homework, and doing my own marking.
Instead I am looking forward to 5 weeks of fresh croissants, plenty of photo opportunities and time to scrap them and a general slowing down of routine.
I will not be on the Internet as much during the holidays - although I can connect via my phone it is expensive- so I will restrict myself to longer updates rather than posting daily. I have my Explore workbook ready to take with me,  as well as a couple of other projects which have been on the back burner for too long. I apologise if I don't leave as many comments as usual either.

Have a fab summer and I'll see you in September, refreshed and ready to start a new term. 


Sian said...

Happy Holidays!

Jo.C said...

Have a great holiday - I know exactly how you feel - my last three weeks have been manic.
Enjoy x

Lisa-Jane said...

Love that paper on your playbook - so bright and vibrant and yet so suited to the theme too.