Monday, 6 June 2011

My freedom. Time #2

I have now completed both sides of the Time journal page inspired by Shim's 'My Freedom'.

As both P and I are teachers and we have 2 school age children, our family timetable changes radically in the holidays so I needed to record this. The Holiday Time journalling reads:
More time to:
read in bed in the morning
eat fresh croissants
take day trips
watch DVDs
prepare elaborate dinners
go out for lunch
I stuck to the same colour scheme and used the same clock and numbers for the second page, although I didn't have enough scraps left of the original papers, but I and tore the papers into free strips, rather than the regimented patchwork, to represent a less rigid timetable.
Feast your eyes, too, on this delicious punnet of strawberries I've just picked in the garden. 500g of juicy fruitiness. I made 3 jars of jam last week, so this lot are just for eating. One of my favourite things about early summer is having fresh berries for breakfast.


Sian said...

Having your parents around during the holidays is definitely a big bonus when you have teacher parents!

Your strawberries are fantatsic, they definitely aren't ready here yet.

humel said...

Great pages, Kirsty - I love how you've done them in a pair :)

I've had a quick look through the first few prompts for this class and hope to have a bit of time to do something with them soon, but oh, this has become such a busy week! :(