Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Week in the Life of Me - Saturday

An unusually relaxed and pleasant Saturday, due in part to the fact that it's half term (so R doesn't have drama and I have no urgent marking) and in part to the very rare occurrence of an evening out sans kids.

 7.45am Hear R get up and go downstairs. Doze a bit longer then read.
8.45am M gets up and comes in for a cuddle. Make cup of Tea #1 for P and myself. M goes down to play with her brother so P and I have a lie in and read some more.
9.45am Shower. Dressed. M comes up to suggest it is time for breakfast. Make breakfast. Eat with children. Send them to get dressed. Wash up.
10.00am M and R pick strawberries in the garden. While they are on the trampoline, leave them with P and escape to Hobbycraft to uy 2 birthday presents. An old schoolfriend is 40 today. She makes cards and admires my scrapbooking so I buy her a 12x12 album and make a selection from my paper stash to start her off. Also buy the large butterfly punch I have been coveting for ages and a pack of 10 decorative-edged scissors which were half price. Not as good as the gorgeous Martha Stewart border punch I really want, but £6.50 instead of £17.99.
11.30. Wrap both presents. Cup of tea #3. Help M finish her beaded necklace to keep her out of R's way while he is on the Wii. Repair a ncklace for a friend while M is beading.
1.00pm Prepare lunch. Snack eaten in living room.
1.30pm Read newspaper and supplement. Children playing outside. P on computer. Make a card with new punch and sewing patterns. (not finished so not blogged yet). Take some photos for Amy's blog challenge. Do crossword with P.
4.00pm. Take advanrage of P being home and the kids playing nicely to have a bath and wash my hair. Blow dry it (celebration of going out tonight)  
5.00pm Wash up, again, and make tea for R and M
6.00pm Eat pizza. Mum and Dad arrive to babysit whle R and M are in the bath. Tell them where to find milk and bedtime essentials.
7.00pm Go out with P to my friend's 40th birthday party. Barn dance. good evening. First time P and I have been out by ourselves this year.
11.30pm Get home to hear M went to bed wth no fuss for Mum. R stayed up for all of the European Cup Fnal and wasn't in bed until 9,30. Milk. Bathroom. Straight to bed

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