Thursday, 5 May 2011

An exciting contact

I've just found a cousin I never knew I had. Actually, she is my third cousin on my father's side. My aunt and I have been collaborating with our family tree research for several years. I use the site to store my tree and it is easy through that site to link up with other people who are researching the same people. Out of the blue yesterday I got an email from a lady, Y, who is also a direct descendant of my great great grandparents, sitting at the front in the picture.

Thomas Bye South (1830-1907) and Esther Martin (1841-1911)  lived in Kent. Thomas is recorded for most of his life in censuses as an agricultural labourer, but at some time in the 1890s he bought a greengrocer's business. He and Esther had 6 children, including my great grandmother Ruth Naomi South and Y's great grandfather, James Joseph, (1874-1936) shown above in uniform.

I always scrap my ancestral photos at A4 as they are stored in a rng binder with all the historial documents and print-outs from I quite like the variety from 12x12 and it allows me to use up some of those smaller leftovers, which you know is one of my 'things'.


Gwen said...

How exciting for you both.

Melissa said...

That is an exciting development. And your layouts are wonderful. I really like the heritagy papers you're using!

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a great paper with the watches on. What a great idea to scrap in A4 so you can keep the documents together. My little boy has started scrapping with me (4 and a half) and he uses A4 so it can go in a cheap ring binder that he chose, instead of an expensive 12x12. Its definitely a great way to use up scraps and A4 new stuff can be a lot cheaper too.