Thursday, 19 May 2011

Better? I think so.

I have had a go at using Amy's clean and simple template with the same photo of my son's DS addiction as in this post. Whilst I can admire the graphic simplicity of it, and I like the colours, it just doesn't feel like me and it doesn't seem 'finished' I am itching to add more 'stuff', but my digital stash is quite limited, except for Christmas elements

So instead, I tried hybridising yesterday's layout. I printed it out several times on photo paper and ordinary matt paper then layered up the photo and title, and added some paper embellishments and some distressing to give it a 'boy' feel. I much prefer this; the digital elements suit the subject matter but the paper gives it depth and makes it feel more personal, more 'made with my own fair hands'

So, I think that's my mind make up. Digi is cool, but I'll leave it to the experts and just try to use more digi techniques to enhance my paper scrapping. Simple I may be; clean? obviously not!


Melissa said...

This turned out great - I think hybrid is the way to go, too.

Sian said...

Hybridising is a great word!

Amy said...

Hybrid is still my scrapping method of choice - even if it means only printing a portion of the templpate and then adhering to cardstock, well done for giving this template a go - I love that it inspired you to try something that is more your style :-)

mytwoandras said...

I am a paper girl, too. Your layout is great.