Friday, 22 April 2011

Feeling Inspired

I've been wanting to create an inspiration board for ages, since I read this as part of Sian's Pass the Book:

However, it wasn't easy to find what I wanted - all too childish, too business-like or too expensive.
I was lucky last week. Whilst browsing round a French vide grenier (Car Boot Sale in British English, Yard sale in American?) I found a plain(ish) cork board for the princely sum of 50c. Perfect!
I decided to display several of the photos at the top of my To Scrap list, together with some embellishments, a poem, a certifiate and card I want to keep.
At present you can see (clockwise from top left): a friend's necklace waiting to be fixed;
a card from the generous Rinda at Gallo Organico;
some artificial flowers from my daughter's Easter bonnet;
an old school photo of me;
a couple of cut out butterflies;
a photo of my best friend and me on our 40th birthdays;
my karate certificate;
my wedding photo;
a picture of my great grandmother and me at a wedding (I can't scrap it until I discover whose wedding and my nanny can't remember);
a poem 'The Word Party', which I blogged here;
a postcard, entrance tickets and scrap of handmade lace from the lace factory we visited last week.

It needs more 'artistry', but I'm not sure what so I'll keep adding to it. I hope it will be a 'moveable feast', altering every time I take a photo off to scrap. It makes me happy, anyway, to look at it hanging above my workdesk, and that's good enough for me.


Melissa said...

I really like the board - it's eclectic and will definitely change as you remove things and add more inspiration. Enjoy!

Margie S (xnomads) said...

Congratulations on getting your inspiration board up! We moved houses and I lost my inspiration board spot and I can't hang the same thing where my desk is now. So, I'm on the hunt for a new one, but I really miss it! Yours looks lovely.

Sian said...

It's looking great Kisrty. I tried to leave a comment yesterday on your scrapping about blogging post, but Blogger was having a moment - but I wanted to say I loved it and I loved seeing the Pass The Book button there too :)