Friday, 8 April 2011


I feel I have been very productive these past 2 weeks and ticked off most of my To Do list, as well as other things which were added to my list as time went by and doing everything else which life threw up .

1. Finalise this term's Scheme of Work
2. Draft next term's Scheme of Work
3. Make an Easter Bonnet with M.  (actually I provided the hat and the decs from my stash and asked my childminder to make it according to M's exacting instructions. Great result, though.)
4. Spring Clean the house (including under beds and behind sofas) - partly, but not completely
5. Wash windows
6. Sort out children's summer clothes - give those that are too small to charity
7. Replace spare tyre in my car - not done, but apparently I'm legal without a spare - I didn't know that - so it can wait
8. Replace batteries in my car remote locking thingy
9. Colour my hair with the dye I bought 3 months ago
10. Pay in cheques that have been in my purse since half term
11. Buy pair of Spring shoes
12. Craft invitations for our Royal Wedding party
13. Buy Easter eggs for niece and nephews
14. Buy alarm clock for France
15. Organise nurse appintment for me, physio for R and dentist for the children
16. Arrange loan to cover debts necessary, but not fun!
17. Arrange bank transfer to French account
18. Have lunch with friends I haven't seen since Christmas - much more fun than cleaning windows, and more important, in my view.
19. Pack for France
20. Make April Counterfeit kit  I'll share that next


Carolyn Phillips said...

What a wonderful bonnet... definitely the grandest lady in the Easter parade!

You have been busy, glad you get your priorities right though, lunch with friends is always more important than cleaning windows.

humel said...

Good for you - that's a long list of achievements of various kinds! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

You're rocking it gal! Great work on top of all the work - those schemes of work sound very daunting to me! Wonderful pic of your beauty in her bonnet...sums up such spring joy!

JulieJ said...

Kirsty - very productive indeed and you put me to shame. However, please do the things for your car next. It may not be illegal but you will be in such a mess if you get a flat and don't have a spare.
I've had some problems with my car and it really messes up your day if your not prepared.
I'll stop nagging now and post something positive next time - honest!
Oh and thanks for reminding me - I have to book the dentist for my little monster.