Thursday, 17 March 2011

March Counterfeit Kit - Mary Mouse

Another layout using the very versatile kit.

M was a tiny, petite baby and dad nicknamed her Mouse. She has only recently, at 3 1/2 started to object and tell us she is 'not a Mouse, I'm a Mary', hence the title. However, on our last cross-Channel ferry trip there was a face painter and she asked to be a Mouse.
I think she slways will be Mouse to us, but just in case I wanted to document her early nickname so it isn't forgotten. I added journaling after taking this picture on a tag behind the photo.


Judie aka Craftymess said...

Oh this is so cute, what a great layout as well

judie xx

Tricia said...

You are wise to get this memory into your scrapbook - we never think we'll forget, but we do. Such a cute layout!

Mad for Paper said...

Great memory to have captured.

humel said...

That's such a cute story, and such a cute layout to document it! Love it! It reminds me of a layout I did of The Girl's insistance, age 3, that she wasn't a tomboy - she way a tomGIRL! These days she insists that she's actually a boy after all....

S said...

Cute! PS I like the way you have your fave books across the top in a border - very scrappy-looking!