Sunday, 6 March 2011

Life imitating art

A lazy Sunday at home so I got out 2 pictures of my daughter painting.  I'd had this pink 'Love To Create' layout in mind for a while and I'd had kept one of her pieces of stamping on purpose to use as patterned paper on it.
As soon as I got my stash out she came to investigate;
 "You can't use 2 pictures. You can have this one and I'll have this one. And I want my painting back."
We negotiated over the stamped paper, which was, after all, meant to be the main focus of my page, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable and messy afternoon sharing our stash. M even allowed me to use 'her' pink inkpad.

 I put a photocopy of her scrapbook page on the back of mine as I feel it completes the story. Note the layered flowers and inked edges - all her own work. And she claimed the better photo!


humel said...

Oh, how sweet! But hey, now you can make a layout all about making the layout!

Mary B said...

Oh that is so lovely and how great to be able to share this lovely hobby
Mary has made a beautiful layout. And I do love Mel's idea

Julia Dunnit said...

Wonderful; both LOs and the afternoon of you and her together time. How fun.