Saturday, 1 January 2011

One Little Word

I don't make resloutions anymore. However, in January 2010, I chose 'one little word' CHOICE as my word for the year. It helped to realise that I do have a choice more often than I realised - not to spend every evening lesson planning, but spend time with the children instead, to ask (nay, demand) a better timetable at work, to blog instead of doing housework sometimes.
Although I often forgot about the 'one little word', I do feel happier about the balance in my life
.Now, think I have chosen my 'little word' for 2011 - LISTEN.

It is easy to switch off when R is wittering on about the latest playground obsession, to hear the words but ignore the real message that P is telling me, tojump in too quickly with an objecton when my colleagues are telling me something. All these people merit more than this from me, so this year I resolve to work on my listening skills and pay the important people in my life the attention they deserve - even if that means stopping typing and monotasking for a change!.

So, go on, comment, blog, share. I'm listening!


Clair said...

And I thought you were still pondering, you must have stopped to listen to your intuition. Have a fantastic 2011 Kirsty x

Sian said...

Happy New Year Kirsty - I hope 2011 is a great one for you :)