Friday, 28 January 2011


R was running through the Parc Zoologique, enjoying himself on a sunny day out in Normandy. 
Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something which made him fall headlong in surprise. 
As we rushed to help him up, he pointed and stammered  ‘L..l..lion!’
100 m away stood a life-size, furry and, at first glance, surprisingly realistic animatronic lion. 
We all laughed, brushed R down and went over to say hello to him.
R promptly christened the lion Aslan and loved him. M, usually so bold, was much more wary and 
although she agreed to pose for a photo, she didn’t like it when Aslan’s head turned towards her.
When we came across the real King of the Jungle later on, the huge beast sprawled lazily in the 
sunshine was something of an anticlimax.

This was made with a sheet of BobBunny dotted cardstock, several pieces of scrap patterned paper,  black ink and embossing powder, a pair of American Crafts glitter brads and some Papermania Christmas Flourish peel offs.
To those of you who were kind enough to care, I'm still waiting for a brand new cashpoint card and PIN. Very annoying!


Kenneth said...

Such a sweet card! I love the design.
Kenneth Copeland

humel said...

Love the layout! That's such a sweet story :-)

Silver MLM said...

Beautiful layout! And the design is cute too.
Silver MLM