Tuesday, 7 December 2010

JYC 7. It's on the list

I have done almost all my shopping, put up my tree, made all my end-of-term presents and written all the cards I have, so it would be fair to say I'm feeling slightly smug.

I have, however,  run out of handmade cards, but I am waiting for the kids' schools to deliver the printed cards I've ordered from them and I think I will order multiple prints of the bokeh photo in the post below to finish the last of the crafted ones.

I have a short shopping list for my planned trip into town tomorrow, so that is is my JYC page today. (love these BoBunny journalling cards and papers which came free with Scrapbooking Magazine - they are pefect for my small JYC book - my only problem is eking them out or I will run out)

I should mention here how much I love lists. 2 years ago I treated myself to a 5-year Christmas planner, and it really is the best thing ever. (I don't remember where I bought it from, but you can get it here)   It has: a section for a Christmas card list, so I have all the names and addresses in one place with columns to tick off cards sent and received; a section for gift lists, so I can remember what I bought for everyone ast year and how much I spent; a notes section for all my lists; a zipped section for receipts and a removable shopping notebook to keep with me at all times from October onwards. I really would be lost without it, as I have a tendancy to buy 4 or 5 presents for the easy people and still have nothing for the hard ones (AKA men). I suspect it cost me more than the £12.95 here. but, honestly, it even helps me keep a check on my spending, so was more than worth the money.  Love it, love it. Every woman should have one.

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